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A MASSIVEModelRailwayShowis steaming intoWoodbridgeon Saturday 26th August – the perfect opportunity for fans both young and old to see more than 20modelrailwaylayouts in a variety of scales from tiny Z gauge to O Gauge. The event is being held from 10am to 4.30pm at The Dome inWoodbridgeSchool and will be the first one atWoodbridgeand is tipped to be one of the largest in the East of England!

SAM and Nancy had an idea. A big idea – maybe too big? They wanted to celebrate their community’s good fortune in receiving a wonderful building development that would produce unique facilities for everyone in the town to enjoy. What could they do? How could they organise some kind of super-special event to entertain the town, yet involve lots of people both young and old? The big idea that they came up with was to put on a musical event that told a story, but what kind of a story? It had to be a big story, something steeped in history and local history at that, for part of the gift that the Town Council was to receive from the building development was going to include a new location for the Woodbridge Museum.

THE club’s most recent competition took place on June 28th and the theme was ‘Country Churches’. This image of the Church of St Mary, Henstead with Hulver was taken by Ray Mason and was awarded nineteen out of twenty points in the Monochrome Print category. Ray also achieved first place for another image entered in the Colour Print category. Following Ray was Holly Stranks in second and Andy Wilson in third. Positions in the Monochrome Print section went to Andy Wilson in first; David Morrell second; David Penrose third. The following were awarded places in the Digital Projected Images category: Jane Murphy (first), Sue Grief (second), Peter Nixon (third).