August 1968 Woodbridge Art Club’s first exhibition


ON the weekend of August 11th – 12th the Woodbridge Art Club will be holding an open air exhibition to commemorate our very first exhibition which took place in August 1968 and was hung on the station railings at the Town Quay. Alas those wooden railings are long gone, replaced by a brick wall, but thanks to the Environment Agency we have obtained some metal railings which will be erected in the riverside square outside the Longshed on the Whisstocks site and it will be hung with members paintings. There will also be pottery and lace, which is a bit of a deviation because the club only catered for painters in 1968 but now has thriving potters and lace makers groups.

The Camera Club are also holding an exhibition that weekend in the Longshed and the Art Club’s regular exhibition will be taking place as usual in the club’s gallery, a stones throw away in Tide Mill Way. So there will be plenty to see down by the TideMill that weekend.
Perhaps you remember the clubs first open air exhibitions? If so do come and see us and tell us of your recollections.
Both the regular exhibition and the outdoor one are open from 10am to 5pmboth days and we look forward to seeing you there.