Good at Making Things?

Remap is a very special charity, working through a nationwide network of dedicated volunteers.  These inspiring people use their ingenuity and skills to enable people with disabilities to achieve much-desired independence in some aspect of their lives, or to enjoy leisure opportunities previously closed to them.


Ten per cent of us will have a disability at some stage of our lives.  It may come with the onset of old age, it may be congenital or it may be the result of an accident.  There are many products on the market designed to make life easier for people with disabilities but if these don’t provide the solution, Remap can step in and make a gadget or a special piece of equipment, tailored to the individual person’s specific needs.  Some are very simple, others are more elaborate, but each one is unique, and all are given free to the people who need them.  Each year Remap helps around 3,500 people.


Use your skills to help solve problems for disabled people, with the local branch of REMAP.


To find out more ring Reg Nichols on 01493 728050 or look at the website: