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News from Halesworth Millennium Green

Help with dog poo on the Green.

Halesworth dog walkers are an exceptionally responsible bunch, because compared with the number of dogs who enjoy the Green there is very little poo left lying about. However there is always some, in spite of the 4 bins in different places on the Green. Now help is at hand: Steve Holman and the Halesworth Fairies have supplied dispensers at all 4 locations, and their volunteers will keep the dispensers topped-up. The bins are in Arthur’s Wood at the entrance from Quay Street under the railway bridge; at White Bridge which is the concrete bridge near the first cattle grid; at Three Ways where the Track from the town, from the industrial estate and from Blyth Meadow all meet – it’s also where the three ways of travelling by path, water and rail meet. The fourth dispenser is right at the end of the Green near the level crossing access from the back road to Wenhaston which brings you down into Two Acres.

So we’re hopeful that there will be no need for any more poo spraying over volunteers when they’re strimming, or for children to step in when plunging into long grass. Huge thanks to Steve and the Fairies.

Would you come to a Sunday work party if we ran one?  Do let us know. Very soon we’ll be starting the big job of haymaking and the more hands we have to help the better. Meanwhile, if you’d like to spend a couple of hours helping to maintain the Green as the wonderful place that it is for humans, dogs and wildlife alike, volunteers meet down on the Green every Wednesday morning at 9.30 at the containers (industrial estate entrance, near the rail and river bridges at Three Ways). Tools provided, bring a drink and nibble. The website ‘Halesworth Millennium Green’ millenniumgreen.halesworth.net carries news of past and future events, photos, wildlife records, history and geology. Contact the Green directly on thegreen@halesworth.net  or – only in an emergency – on 07879 844143.