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What’s happened down on the Green?

What’s all the mud spread about near the Community Orchard?  The ditch in the Black Poplar meadow needs to be dredged now and then to provide better habitat for voles and clear water for dragon and damselflies, and other wildlife. Mark Woolnough and Olly have done a terrifically neat and considerate job for us, spreading the mud as thinly as possible so that the new growth will come through easily. There is also a new dam at the end to separate it from the dipping-platform ditch, because that ditch does occasionally get contaminated by water coming under the railway embankment carrying discharges of we don’t quite know what from the built-up areas beyond. Olly also made good some of the low-lying areas near the ends of the ditches which get very wet and muddy in winter time, so hopefully those pinch-points will be easier to walk this winter.


The haymaking is almost finished for the season but there’s plenty of other work going on. We’re doing a careful cut along the top of the bank alongside the New Reach so that people can see down into the water, making sure we leave the last metre for the water voles undisturbed by cutting high at that level. Ragwort has been pulled – and removed, very importantly because that’s when it’s most dangerous to cattle  – from Lester’s Piece but there’s more to take from Blyth Meadow. At the Open Meeting we took the opportunity to clean the entrance board and are looking out for a dry spell to give that a coat of preservative before the really wet weather.


So there’s plenty to do. Come and join us on a Wednesday morning at 9.30 at the containers (industrial estate entrance, near the rail and river bridges at Three Ways).  The website ‘Halesworth Millennium Green’ (millenniumgreen.halesworth.net) carries news of past and future events, photos, wildlife records, history and geology. Contact the Green directly on thegreen@halesworth.net or, only for really urgent things, ring 07811 630946.