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Autumn arrives at Dunwich Heath

Autumn is very much here and making its presence known, with several misty mornings and the leaves all shades of red, brown, orange and yellow. The stags have been bellowing eerily and our winter migrant species have been popping up to show everyone that despite the colder weather there is still plenty of wildlife to see! One particular highlight from last year was a small herd of deer leaping across the path in front of one of our staff members as they were walking around the heath. We hope to see them again this year, but until then sit back and marvel at the stag from the group caught on camera mid-leap. I’m sure you can agree it’s quite the sight!

In other news our ranger, Lloyd, is just about to make a start on the yearly heather scraping, an essential conservation task which removes patches of dead heather and vegetation, exposing the dormant seeds to light and rain. This rejuvenates the patches and ensures the entire heath does not age at the same rate and therefore die off in one go. Look out for Lloyd chugging along in the tractor, and maybe make a note of where the patches are, so that in the Spring you can come back and see the first shoots pushing through the soil!