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Woodbridge Museum Rocks!

“WOODBRIDGE MUSEUM ROCKS” was the verdict of one young visitor written in the family corner comments book. Since the easing of lockdown the museum has achieved a record number of visitors, achieving over10,000 by the middle of  August.  In our case the weather has not been a problem. If it was sunny, visitors were out and about and popped in. If it rained we provided a welcome refuge. Our young visitor’s verdict was echoed by many who came through the doors. There were entries in the visitors book from far and near:

“A nice way to pass the trip in Woodbridge and to see local history.”

“A lovely museum, excellent displays. Woodbridge is lucky to have such a place. (and free entry!)”

“Loved all the old photos of local people”

“Outstanding memorabilia from the past. Staff so kind – beautifully presented. So easy with a wheelchair”

There were visits from local people sharing their memories of their childhood and stories of their grandparent’s generation. Some had popped over the border from Essex and Hertfordshire while others were holidaying in the area, coming from the West-country (escaping the holidaymakers in Dorset and Devon!), from Derbyshire, Scotland and Wales. Overseas visitors came from  new Jersey , Staten Island and Seattle in USA, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and, there is even a comment in Chinese.

From the beginning of November the museum will be open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10.30 to 15.30 each day.

The Stewards for the museum are provided by the Friends of Woodbridge museum.

October saw the return of the Friends of the Museum monthly talks,  the first being given by Captain Alan Hill of the Salvation Army explaining the enormous amount of social work tat they do both in the country and world=wide. It was quite a revelation to discover how wide-ranging their work is. The next meeting will be held in Woodbridge Community Hall on November12th when Mandy Cox Osbourne will speak about The Royal British Legion. Doors will open at 2.30pm.