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Woodbridge man racing to raise awareness of testicular cancer

I am an amateur motorcycle racer from the Woodbridge area who is reaching out to the local community for support in the 2022 race season.


In late 2017/early 2018 – at the age of 29 I was diagnosed and treated with testicular cancer. At the age of 29 my life was beginning, I had just been given a job offer of becoming a Police officer (a lifelong career aspiration). I am young father with two children who were at the time, under 10. I was fit and active.


I had already been a motorcycle rider; my father raced motorcycles while I was growing up and the rest of my family were either riding motorcycles, or had been. I began riding from the age of 13 in my grandparent’s garden and have always been a fan of motorcycle racing, going to circuits and watching live events.


The cancer opened my eyes to how short life could be so I decided to participate in motorcycle racing myself. I wanted to achieve my goal of being amongst the other riders on a grid, starting a race together, and pushing myself and machine as hard as I could.


From being around the community I know that the demographic of motorcycle riders is heavily male dominant with males aged from their teens to around 45- being the ‘at risk’ category for testicular cancer.


445 One Ball Racing was created to raise awareness of testicular cancer to men and women in the motorcycle community. To promote self examination and giving young males the confidence to see a healthcare professional if concerned. I wanted to encourage people to openly discuss the ‘c word’ and not be afraid to speak to those who have been affected by the disease.


Speaking about the disease has really helped my own recovery, and I want to encourage others to do the same but also show others that there is life after cancer.


Since creating 445 One Ball Racing I have entered three race weekends, completed nine races (with a best finish of 15th position), several track days and had two crashes. I have published over 20 YouTube videos and many social media posts.


I currently promote 445 One Ball Racing on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. I am hoping this article will further promote the cause and raise awareness of the disease. My long term goal is to raise money for ‘Orchid’ a male cancer charity through selling 445 merchandise.


I would also like to reach out to local businesses for their support in the 2022 season. 445 One Ball Racing is entirely self-funding, I am looking for sponsorship in exchange for advertising space on my motorcycle and promotion on my social media pages, and brand awareness in the race paddock. In addition to this I will be offering any help (where I can) to businesses who are kind enough to offer sponsorship.


To find out more about 445 please find me on social media:


Instagram – @445oneballracing

Facebook – 445 one ball racing

YouTube – 445 one ball racing


Thank you for reading this and for anything you can do to help raise awareness of testicular cancer!


Matt Finch