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Shaping up on the Green

Everyone has noticed how much growth of vegetation there has been in the last few weeks and the Green is no exception. Growth of every kind has taken off – the cows are keeping it down in Blyth Meadow and Lester’s Piece but it’s up to the human volunteers to keep it down everywhere else where it isn’t wanted. We’ve been tackling the growth alongside the paths, sorting out a space at White Bridge for the replacement seat, and giving the Willow Wherry a haircut.   If you see something you think might need cutting back please don’t do it yourself, let us know – it’s possible that our Management Plan wants us to allow regrowth in that area.


Last month we drew your attention to the engine shed in the Folly. In September you’ll have the opportunity of joining a walk conducted by the Narrow Gauge Railway Society as part of the Heritage Open Day (HOD) events. You will learn things about the Green generally on that walk as well. Go on-line to find the full list of events (type in Heritage Open Days Halesworth) or pick up the printed programme.


Work parties meet at 9.30 on Wednesday mornings at the containers, at the Industrial Estate entrance near Three Ways bridge. They are socially distanced, bring your own drink and nibbles, your own gloves if you’ve got them but otherwise we can provide them.  If you are not free during the week do get in touch in any case, there is often work to be done at other times and there is always work for willing volunteers.


The website ‘Halesworth Millennium Green’ (millenniumgreen.halesworth.net) carries news of past and future events, photos, wildlife records, history and geology. Contact the Green directly on thegreen@halesworth.net or, only for really urgent things, ring 07811 630946.


Photo: Volunteers giving the Willow Wherry a haircut