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Classic Cars Display

East Anglian Practical Classics are helping Woodbridge Methodist Church celebrate its 150th anniversary. This is particularly apt as, in the same year that the church was founded, Dr John Wesley Carhart, an American Methodist Minister, began constructing a steam-powered cart that laid the foundations of early mechanised personal transport. His machine, named “The Spark”, was so successful it earned its inventor the title “Father of the Automobile”.

In recognition of this ‘double event’ East Anglian Practical Classics will be displaying a selection of heritage vehicles at the church, of the types that would have been seen in 1971, marking 100 years from the beginnings of both the Woodbridge Methodist Church in 1871 and the car as we know it today.

This unique display event will take place on Bank Holiday Monday 30th August on the forecourt of the church in St John’s Street, Woodbridge.

On display, we hope to include two extremely rare cars, a 1966 Gordon-Keeble (no.94 of the 99 made) and a 1950s Paramount, one of only 72 examples originally made, of which less than half a dozen still exist. Also one car that was brand new in 1971, the Toyota Carina and, representing the fashion for fins in the 1950s, a Vauxhall Cresta, while from the 1930s there is a venerable Austin Seven Ruby – there would still have been a few of these being used daily in 1971.

Any enquiry about Woodbridge Methodist Church’s 150th Anniversary should be addressed to:  Mr R Monty Guest,  Tel:  01473 625838,  rmguest74@gmail.com . There is also a website:  http://wmc150.methodistic.org.uk

Any enquiry about the cars and East Anglian Practical Classics should be addressed to:  Mr Roy Dowding   Tel:   01728 648819,  roy.dowding@btinternet.com

Image of Gordon-Keeble I.T. 1966