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Halesworth Area Community Bus News

It has been a month of both good news and bad news for Halesworth’s Hoppa service.

First some happy news – a big thank you to the Halesworth Volunteer Centre (HVC) for its donation to the Hoppa. It has been an enormous pleasure to work with HVC throughout the pandemic. Joint projects so far include trips to the Kinda Forest School in Holton, to the Pear Tree Centre in Halesworth for tea and cake, and to Maureen’s Café at the local Co-op. Outings like these provide much-needed opportunities for people to get out and about. One of our passengers said it was the first time she had been away from her home since the first lockdown, and the trip gave her the confidence she needed to get out again. We look forward to playing a part in the next outings planned by HVC.

Also on the positive front, community hires are picking up, and we took our first group to Jimmy’s Farm in Wherstead. The weather was gorgeous, and everyone had a great time. There are also plans afoot for more Dave’s Days Out on the Hoppa. Watch this space for news. Alternatively, you can visit our website at www.hactbus.co.uk, or the Halesworth Area Community Bus Facebook page for the latest information.

Sadly, we have to announce a temporary, partial withdrawal of service. As a result of Covid restrictions, and a reduction in passengers using the afternoon Hoppa, it has been decided to withdraw the Wednesday afternoon 511 timetable. This change will take effect from 1st August 2021, unless passenger numbers increase in the meantime. If you have strong objections, please put your reasons in writing and send them to: Halesworth Area Community Transport, Railway Station, Station Road, Halesworth, IP19 8BZ, or by email to office@hactbus.co.uk.

The second item of bad news is our reluctant decision to install CCTV at our bus park. We have once again been the victim of vandalism, and there have been multiple incidents of people using the area as a toilet. Cleaning up human waste is an unpleasant task at any time, but even more so during a pandemic. CCTV will be a costly outgoing for the Hoppa service, which is non-commercial and reliant on charitable funding and a volunteer workforce. Rest assured that footage of any antisocial behaviour will appear on our Facebook page, and will be shared with the police.