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The Green in full swing

The Green in full swing

Big thanks to East Suffolk, who came as soon as the land was dry enough to clear the huge fallen willow at White Bridge, not only the part in the water but the section threatening the footpath as well.

You will have noticed the barriers at White Bridge; these are put up by Suffolk County Council who are concerned about the crumbling of the concrete around the railings and hope to prevent anyone from tumbling into the New Reach. We hope that the repair work will be done soon, as the barriers spend more time in the water than protecting people using the bridge, and we know the Council will do what it can as fast as possible.

There has been a little spate of vandalisms recently – the dog bin pulled up, the seat frame destroyed, a few trees uprooted, the hide in Folly Meadow entirely destroyed, the notice board uprooted …. we’re hopeful that better weather and more activities beginning again will mean this dies down, but meanwhile we have informed the police in case the damage on the Green chimes in with other things happening in the Town. If you see anything amiss on the Green, do please let us know. The change to the willow tunnel was not by vandals! but by our own volunteers, to keep this intriguing and contemplative area accessible.

Work parties are in full swing again – socially distanced and with careful tool cleaning etc. – meeting at 9.30 on Wednesday mornings at the containers (Industrial Estate entrance near Three Ways bridge). Bring your own drink and nibbles, and it’s helpful if you can bring your own gloves but we can provide them.

The website ‘Halesworth Millennium Green’ (millenniumgreen.halesworth.net) carries news of past and future events, photos, wildlife records, history and geology. Contact the Green directly on thegreen@halesworth.net or, only for really urgent things, ring 07811 630946.