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Halesworth Millennium Green – WinterLight! Trail photos needed please

WinterLight! Trail photos needed please

Half term and WinterLight! are over, but the Magical Mystery Trail needs your photos (send to the email address below) to reverse the magic and get the pictures back in the book. Big thanks to people who started sending them in at the beginning of the half term week, that started us off so well. We need them all whether simple, clever, funny or mysterious so that the judges can decide who to give our prizes to – one very special book of stickers and, thanks to the Halesworth Fairies (wherever and whoever you are) not just one or two but FIVE book vouchers for £10. In the next week or so the website will be showing all the photos sent in so have a browse. And if you’re a winner, you’ll get an email from the Green that you can take along to Abbie at the Bookshop to collect your prize.

Covid and the weather between them have halted volunteer work parties on the Green for the time being, although you might see one or two of us out doing urgent jobs. So if you spot anything amiss please let us know so that we can deal with it quickly and safely. East Suffolk is aware of the tree in the New Reach at White Bridge and will get down there to remove it once the land is dry enough for their vehicles.

The website ‘Halesworth Millennium Green’ or millenniumgreen.halesworth.net carries news of past and future events, photos, wildlife records, history and geology. Contact the Green directly on thegreen@halesworth.net or, only for really urgent things, ring 07811 630946.

Photo: The Folly under snow, did you follow the Trail?