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The Locks Inn Community Pub


The first community owned pub in the Waveney Valley

NOW is the time to invest ……

The Locks Inn Community Pub will launch its Community Share issue on 15 January. It will be a time to invest with your heart to help secure a treasured community asset, and a time to invest with your head with tax relief on investments worth 30% over 3 years for UK income tax payers.

Saving the Locks Inn has been an amazing feat in unprecedented times by some very passionate people. A few key landmark moments are listed below:-

  • The Locks Inn went up for sale on 21 September
  • The prospect of a community bid to buy The Locks Inn was investigated and met with massive offers of support and pledges of investment
  • A limited company “The Locks Inn Limited” was formed on 14 October in order to purchase the pub
  • A pre-auction offer was accepted just hours before the auction on 21 October
  • The freehold purchase of The Locks Inn was completed on 4 November using short term bridging finance from supporters
  • The limited company was successfully converted to a “Community Benefit Society” on 10 December

We are now launching our community share issue on 15 January. This is the most critical stage of the project where many hundreds of people invest in this amazing community venture. The share issue will be open for 2 months.

The Share Prospectus will be published on the website at www.savethelocks.com. It will be accompanied by a Business Plan, the Society’s governing rules, a document explaining “Community Shares” and a document describing the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) tax relief scheme. Advance assurance has been received from HMRC for the EIS tax relief scheme.

This is a very exciting time and we would love you to be part of it when we open hopefully in the spring.

If you have any queries or questions please Email: invest@savethelocks.com

Graham Elliott

Chair, The Locks Inn Community Pub

01502 714661