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Love local and support your high street

There is no getting away from it, this is one of the toughest times we have known. The current pandemic has placed a huge strain on the global economy. However, as we all work together to pull through this testing time, we can rest assured that our local, independent businesses are doing all they can to help us.

During the full lockdown of April and May, we relied on our high street shops to carry on trading – many of them added a delivery service to make sure that those who couldn’t get out were not left without essential supplies. Now, as we begin to feel our way through this ongoing social and economic situation, our local businesses need us – so let us not forget about what they did for us and do our bit to help support them.

It is no secret that at Community News we love our high streets and champion the many fantastic local businesses you will find when you take a wander around our town centres. The Great British High Street is the backbone of our local economy and plays a vital role in our sense of community.

This year Community News marks 50 years of championing our local businesses and we know we can’t stop – with changing shopping trends, our independent, local, artisan and boutique retailers, producers and suppliers need our support more than ever.

So, we are asking you to help support your high street now more than ever! There are many great reasons to leave the car at home and shop locally – here are just a few:


  • Support the local economy. For every £1 spent at a local independent business, research shows that between 50p – 70p comes back into the economy.
  • Create jobs. Small local businesses provide vital local employment opportunities and often pay more than national retail chains.
  • Independent means interesting and individual. Buying from a small business means you are buying stock that has been hand-selected by the owner – and often made locally.
  • Online isn’t always better……. or cheaper. Shop around and ask at your local store, you may be surprised at what they are able to offer. You can also see, feel, try on, test whatever it is that you are buying.
  • Make a day of it and visit some of the superb cafes, pubs and restaurants that our towns have to offer.
  • Support friends and family. The chances are, you will be related to or know business owners in your town. By shopping locally you are supporting them and their suppliers. Local retailers are more inclined to source local produce and use local suppliers so the businesses you buy from may well in turn buy from your friends or families.


Top tip: Make a day of it and arrange to have a lunch break in one of the many eateries, or perhaps have a light lunch and end the day with a glass of something cool and refreshing at your favourite local pub. 


Why you should love your high street…..more now than ever before!

The current pandemic has had a major impact on our local businesses. Yet, a little support from us will go a long way. You can be certain that all our businesses will be following the latest guidelines and procedures to make shopping locally as safe as possible for both customers and staff.

There is no hiding it, these are uncertain times. However, what we can have absolute faith in is our wonderful High Street! Independent local businesses run by people who live in the community that they serve and share the same passion and love for their town and village as you, our reader.



  • Keep more money going around the local economy.
  • Get the best possible customer service.
  • Benefit from sales and promotions.
  • Enjoy the help and advice of business owners.
  • Find things not available in larger stores.
  • Help your community thrive for years to come.