THE club’s most recent competition took place on June 28th and the theme was ‘Country Churches’. This image of the Church of St Mary, Henstead with Hulver was taken by Ray Mason and was awarded nineteen out of twenty points in the Monochrome Print category. Ray also achieved first place for another image entered in the Colour Print category. Following Ray was Holly Stranks in second and Andy Wilson in third. Positions in the Monochrome Print section went to Andy Wilson in first; David Morrell second; David Penrose third. The following were awarded places in the Digital Projected Images category: Jane Murphy (first), Sue Grief (second), Peter Nixon (third).

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Learn to dance the Argentine Tango

STARTING on September 13th you have the chance to learn the elegant, evocative social dance of Argentine Tango on Wednesdays with teachers Richard and Mandy of SuffolkTango.

The ten week course (in two five-week blocks) aims to provide a solid foundation in the key elements of Argentine Tango in an enjoyable sociable environment. It concentrates on how to lead and follow the fundamental steps of Tango. The dance is improvised to the music so there are no long sequences to learn.

Our current dancers are of all ages, some coming with a background of ballroom, salsa or modern jive but many have never attended dance classes before. Once you try Argentine Tango you will soon get hooked and an exciting range of dancing opportunities near and far open up. After this course you will be able to progress into our structured courses for improvers and intermediates.

Prior booking is essential, but there is no need to book with a partner as we will match followers and leaders if we can. Bookings will be confirmed once we have checked leader and follower numbers (if you can bring a partner all the better). We always rotate partners during the class to speed the learning process and to make the evening more fun.


Held at the Richards Room, Martlesham Community Centre (behind Tescos) from 7.30pm to 10pm on Wednesdays from September 13th. To apply please fill in the online form at www.suffolktango.org.uk, or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 07766 694618.