FRIDAY, 21st JUNE, is the SUMMER SOLSTICE (LITHA), the Longest Day.

A time, not only to celebrate the power of the SUN, FERTILITY and LIFE, but



Yes, they are back once again, bringing mayhem and merriment on their OAK MOON TOUR, which is raising money this time for LIGHTHOUSE WOMEN’S AID.

“Still proud to be never knowingly over-rehearsed”, their latest play,

“ The Battle of Pipney Hill Revisited: The Truth behind the Head”

explores, once again, the theme of their very first performance, ten years ago.


In AD 60-61, Boudicca, Queen of the local Iceni tribe, led a rebellion against the tyrannical Roman occupation forces, sacking Camulodunum (Colchester) and Londinium (London). A Roman army reinforced by several legions, later counter attacked driving Boudicca northwards. But how did the famous bronze head of Emperor Claudius (now in the British Museum) end up in the River Alde at Rendham? What was the Battle of Pipney Hill fought nearby? And what are the intrinsic links between these events, the Green Man, and Mummer traditions? All will be revealed!


OAK MOON TOUR dates include:

Summer Solstice, Friday 21st June, 7.45pm,   SWEFFLING WHITE HORSE;

Saturday 13th July, 7.45pm, SIBTON WHITE HORSE;

Beer Festival, Friday 2nd August, 7.30pm, LOW HOUSE, LAXFIELD;

Bank Holiday Monday 26th August, 12.30pm, RENDHAM WHITE HORSE.


Please join us in our celebrations, and in our modest efforts to try to keep this centuries’ old, unique form of street theatre alive; whilst raising thousands of pounds for very worthwhile charities, having a great time and enjoying the delights of some great local pubs. If you have not seen us before and want more information and photos, see Rendham Mummers Facebook page.


Support Boudicca in her struggle for Women’s Rights & FREEEEDOMMMMM!