Saxmundham U R C Events

ON Saturday 10th March at 2.30pm in the Church Hall.  Planting bulbs and taking cuttings – which should I choose?  How do I go about it?  When is the best time?  Where are the best places to grow them?  Come along to hear Fay Owston give us advice. 

Light refreshments.  Raffle. Tickets £3. 

Saturday 7th April at 2.30pm in the Church Hall.  Beetle Drive and Sausage Sizzle – come along and shake for a six to start and then race your team members to make a beetle.  Followed by bangers and buns, with sauce, tea/coffee, cake.  Raffle. Tickets £3. 

Our film shows continue, on Saturday 17th March: Chariots of Fire, and Saturday 21st April: Runaway Jury, both commencing at 2.30pm in the Church Hall.


Easter Day Service on April 1st will be taken by the Principal of Westminster College. Cambridge, Rev Sam White.  All are welcome