Rose Cottage Cats

AT the time of going to press we are up to our eyes with kittens, some with Mums, some not.  We have been kept very busy, having currently homed a total of 102 cats and kittens this year. 


River, last month's featured cat, is now settling into his new home.  This month we are featuring Amy - the remaining one of a litter of three kittens, white with black patches, just been neutered and vaccinated (no photo available).
We are also featuring Polly and her daughter (see photo).  Polly is a shy, light and dark grey girl - very sweet when she knows you; and her daughter is chunky and black & white, aged four months.
We also have five more mothers with babies, two kits without Mum and one three-four week old black girl - found in someone's garden - now in a wire pen in the house, so I can hear her when she needs feeding (she has a good voice on her!)
We do still have cats without kittens too!  So, if you're interested in anything feline there is a fair chance we have something suitable (except, at the moment, adult males).  We always have fewer adult males in rescue than females, don't know why.
If any of this sounds interesting, please ring us (01508 482737) for an appointment to meet the Rescue.
Our last month's sale took a total of £162.81 - somewhat less than usual, as was the previous month.  Our next sale (which will be the last one of the year) will be at Bungay Buttercross on Saturday 21st October - please come and support us - nine paste tables of saleable (we hope) items. 
For help/advice on cat-related problems, please ring Lyn on 01508 482737.