Hot Mikado - Waveney Light Opera Group

Beccles is turning Japanese and temperatures are rising in the town – as ‘Hot Mikado’ – the colourful and lively take on a classic, kicks off this month at the Public Hall.

Tickets are now on sale, for Waveney Light Opera Group’s latest show ‘Hot Mikado’ – a very different version of the classic Gilbert and Sullivan tale.

It’s a show which takes the original musical themes – but is very much jazzed up to a 1940s swing-style.

All the singing and dancing in this fuel injected show, is performed with a breath-taking amount of energy by a young and fantastic cast – and it’s a cast of character names that sets the surreal tone.

All the action takes place in Japan, where young Nanki-Poo, the Mikado’s son masquerading as a Trumpet player, arrives in the town of Titipu looking for the girl he loves, the beautiful Yum-Yum.

After bribing various officials, Nanki-Poo learns that she is going to be marrying a former tailor turned Lord High executioner, named Koko.

Meanwhile, the Mikado demands that Koko execute one person within the next month [of the wedding?]. Nanki-Poo agrees to be executed as long as he can spend a month as Yum-Yum’s husband.

However, the plan goes awry when the Mikado makes a surprise visit to Titipu – and brings with him Katisha, an older woman who is pursuing Nanki Pooh.

Will Nanki-Poo escape the clutches of Katisha – and avoid the executioner? Will there be a happy ending? Well, it is a musical and in this show, anything can happen – so you’ll have to come along to find out!


Performances are at Beccles Public Hall from Tuesday October 17th to Saturday October 21st 2017. Tickets are available in person from the Box Office (Mon-Sat 10am-3pm) by phone 01502 770060 or online