Martlesham Heath Aviation Society

THE next Martlesham Heath Aviation Society meeting takes place on Friday 1st September at 7.30pm. The talk“Contact Patrols – Air Support for the Infantry in The Great War” is presented by Mike Meech.
By 1915 British Expeditionary Force Commanders realised that communication problems inherent in Trench Warfare meant once an attack had started they lost control of the battle, as communication  failed, due to the poor communication technology available. One method to partially overcome this was aeroplane ‘Contact Patrols’, first used seriously by the British during the Battle of the Somme 1916. The talk covers the evolution and methods used to try and make the system work. The second half of the talk gives details of work undertaken at Butley.
The Meeting takes place at The Community Centre, Felixstowe Road, Martlesham Heath, IP12 4PB.  Starts at 7.30pm, finishes at 10pm.
Entry to this meeting £3 for members, £4 for non-members – Pay on arrival on the night.  You can join the Society on the night.
Our Control Tower Museum is open EVERY SUNDAY afternoon, 2 – 5pm located at the rear of Parkers Place, off Eagle Way, Martlesham Heath, IP5 3UZ.
To find out more call Howard on 01473 274300 or look on the Society website: